New Block Pushing Attachment

            --- BETOPPER Air Pushing bag 

Powered by air compressor, used to push and overturn blocks after cutting by wire saw, chain saw, blade saw etc.
Widely used in both marble quarry and granite quarry.
Supplying to more than 25 countries quarries all over the world,
including Canada, USA, Brazil, Indina, Turkey, Crotia,South Africa etc.
Like company Polycor, Rock Of age, Best Cheer, Guidoni, etc,

It is taking place of hydro bag (water steel bag), hydraulic jack, excavator and so on.
1. Can protect block well, and improve a block yield a lot and quarrying speed a lot.
2. Can reduce excavator works, protect excavator bucket teeth, save a lot of oil and costs.
3. Air pushing bags can be used circularly, it can be used one to two years if protect well.

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